Small Group Study

The Small Group Study exists to help people recover from wounds from their past and grow more into the image of God in community. This is the perfect complement to the Church Program so that an entire church body can experience this healing message and transformational journey.

Resources include: 

  • Six-week video series leading to a happier, healthier you!
      • Session 1 | Grace + Truth + Time (part 1)

        Dr. Cloud unpacks the three key ingredients for growth: Grace + Truth + Time.  You will discover how applying these principles helps you grow in the image of God.

      • Session 2 | Grace + Truth +  Time (part 2)

        Dr. Cloud teaches how to break the cycle of “stuckness” so that we can begin to heal and grow both spiritually and emotionally.

      • Session 3 | Relational Connection

        You will discover that God created us with a deep hunger for relationship – with Him and others  – and learn how to have healthy bonded relationships in your life.

      • Session 4 | Boundaries

        Dr. Cloud teaches about why setting boundaries is necessary for healthy relationships and ultimately, finding health and healing.

      • Session 5 | Processing Pain

        You will learn that in order to be emotionally and spiritually successful you must be able to deal with issues of good and bad.

      • Session 6 | Becoming An Adult

        As you work through this principle, you will learn how to exercise the gifts and responsibilities God has given you.

    • A 30-page Participant Workbook that aligns with the video sessions and contains valuable, interactive content that will lead to introspection and growth. 
    • Small Group Leader Guide to prepare the leader and help them facilitate the group effectively. 
    • Bonus materials including Healing Declarations and a Manifesto Prayer. 

    Church Program members may choose to purchase the Small Group Study in advance to roll out in small groups church-wide (bulk pricing available) or direct groups to purchase the study individually. We recommend using a video platform such as Zoom to facilitate a virtual group experience. 

    Individuals or groups not associated with a Church That Heals can still purchase and utilize the Small Group Study.

Small Group Study

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