Churches That Heal


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Churches That Heal is the culmination of Dr. Cloud’s life work in this arena and the next step in his desire to help ensure the local church is the place where hurting people can find healing. His hope is that every church will be seen as a place hurting people run to, not away from.

Let’s Get Started

We’ve created this simple document to walk you through Churches That Heal and help you know how and when to use each component of the resource. This PDF is an overview of the foundational content and high-level timeline to help you plan your journey through the Churches That Heal Church Program.

Pastoral Healing

All too often as leaders, we can become so focused on the needs of those around us that we lose track of what is happening in our own hearts and minds. We believe one cannot give what they do not possess. Prior to rolling out the program to the church, we believe the pastoral staff needs to first be healthy and whole. Therefore, this healing journey begins with each pastor looking introspectively within themselves. Consider this your manual for pastoral wholeness.

Staff Retreat

A five-session video series designed to spark open discussion among church staffs around their emotional challenges and the core elements of healing.

  • Session 1

  • Session 2

  • Session 3

  • Session 4

  • Session 5

Staff Small Group

Each video lesson is a catalyst for intentional conversation among church staffs and to help each leader continue to conquer their own mental and emotional challenges.

  • Session 1

  • Session 2

  • Session 3

  • Session 4

  • Session 5

Leader Workbook

This comprehensive workbook aligns with the content in the Retreat and Small Group Video Series to help pastors with personal application and next steps for their healing journey. The curriculum has been designed with the church leader in mind.

Pastoral Training

We want to provide pastors with proven solutions and answers to key mental health questions they may have previously been ill-equipped to handle. This practical content will give you advice on how to deal with some of the most complex and messy challenges in the area of mental health.

Mental Health Training

These educational videos provide practical answers to commonly asked questions relating to the church’s role in issues of mental health.

  • An Introduction to Pastoral Training with Dr. Cloud

  • What Is The Church’s Role Within The Mental Health Space?

  • How Has The Church Missed the Opportunity To Be Seen As The Safest Place For The Hurting?

  • What Is The Difference Between A Mental Health Issue And A Spiritual Issue?

  • What Is A Pastor’s Role Within The Mental Health Space?

  • What Is The Best Way For A Pastor To Take A Sabbath Break?

  • What Should The Church Do In Order To Become A Place People Run To For Healing?

  • What Is The Best Solution For A Pastor Looking For Healing And Confidentiality?

  • How Can Pastors Find Community And Develop Authentic Relationships?

  • When Should A Pastor Seek Professional Help?

  • How Can Church Staff Support Individuals?

  • When Is The Correct Time For A Pastor To Bring In Professional Help?

  • When Is The Answer To Pray For Healing?

  • How Can A Church Show That They Are The Best Place For The Hurting?

  • What Is The Best Way To Help Someone Struggling With An Illegal Drug Addiction?

  • How Can A Church Build Authentic Community While Maintaining Confidentiality?

  • What Is The Process For Helping An Individual That Is Suicidal?

  • How Do You Approach An Individual You Believe Is Hurting?

Church Kick Off

We are providing you the tools to roll out this program as a Half-Day Community Event or Sunday Morning Message Series within the context of your church or organization.

Message Series

A five-session video series introducing your church body to key principles of healing. Many churches will download the content and stream through their own service/platform.

  • Session 1

  • Session 2

  • Session 3

  • Session 4

  • Session 5

  • Participant Guide

    This guide helps attendees follow along with the video content and promotes thought-provoking discussion and introspection.


  • Marketing & Event Materials

    Production orders, timelines, and editable promotional material to help you create a successful kick off to the Churches That Heal program.


Leading Amidst COVID-19

  • The Psychology of Crisis

    The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not the first crisis faced by Christian leaders but it is undeniably unique and will create a new “before” and “after.” In this webinar Dr. Cloud answers the question “how can leaders manage their own fears and uncertainties while guiding their people through their fears?”

  • The Psychology of Crisis Guide

    This guide accompanies The Psychology of Crisis webinar.