What’s Included in the Church Program?

The Church Program exists to equip pastors and churches to handle issues of mental health in their communities through a biblical and psychologically-sound plan of healing.

Mental health resources include videos and comprehensive curriculum:

  • Over 30 videos encompassing… 
    • Pastoral Healing – All too often as Christian leaders, we can become so focused on the needs of those around us that we lose track of what is happening in our own hearts and minds. We believe one cannot give what they do not possess. The Churches That Heal Church Program begins by focusing on the healing of church leadership and church staff through a Pastoral Healing Staff Retreat.
    • Mental Health Training – Through our church leadership training, we provide you with proven solutions and answers to key mental health questions they may have previously been ill-equipped to handle. These educational videos help with leadership development for any church leader and provide practical answers to commonly asked questions relating to the church’s role in addressing mental health issues.
    • Church and Community Rollout – Once you’ve completed Pastoral Healing and Mental Health Training, we provide you with a five-session video series to share the message of Churches That Heal with your entire community through a Half-Day Event or Sunday Message Series. Additional resources provided for the Church and Community Rollout include event and marketing materials. These can help raise awareness about mental health problems and provide resources on how to help loved ones that are struggling with mental illnesses.

What about the Small Group Curriculum?

Church and community members will go even deeper through the Churches That Heal small group curriculum. Through your Churches That Heal membership, you will receive unlimited digital access to this small group curriculum for any small group church members in your community that would like to experience this transformational journey of spiritual growth. We’ve made it easy for you to share this resource with anyone interested in participating.

The Churches That Heal small group comes with six, rich video teaching sessions and a comprehensive 30-page workbook that will help participants digest the content and apply it to their life. Additionally, the included Leader Guide sets the small group leader up to facilitate the journey in the community.

Combining his professional expertise and personal experience, Dr. Cloud guides small groups and individuals through four basic ways to become a joy-filled, mature follower of Christ: 

  • Connect more deeply with others
  • Separate from others in healthy ways
  • Understand the good and the bad in ourselves and others
  • Grow into greater emotional and spiritual maturity

What can I expect from the Video Library?

Within the Churches That Heal toolkit you will find Dr. Cloud’s extensive video library with hundreds of his sermons, messages, and topical video content at your fingertips. Whether you use these videos for personal and staff development, or even as a stand-in for a Sunday message, the Churches That Heal video library is designed to help you become the Church you’re meant to be: a Church That Heals.

Topics of the videos found within the library include boundaries, fear, anxiety, depression, performance, dreams, marriage, and many others. With a wide variety of lengths, faith-emphases, and potential use, churches benefit from the easy digital access to Dr. Cloud’s most popular video content. Members of Churches That Heal will receive notification as the library is continually added to.

What exactly is the Regular Equipping portion of the Churches That Heal Toolkit?

Churches That Heal is much more than a website of static content. Members receive regular equipping from Dr. Cloud to assist them in their efforts to become leaders and churches that heal.

With the purchase of a membership, you will receive immediate access to all of Dr. Cloud’s previous live webinars on topics such as Loss and The Psychology of Crisis, and invitations to all future webinars including the ability to participate in live Q&A with Dr. Cloud. You will also receive monthly devotional emails from Dr. Cloud straight to your inbox that are exclusive to Churches That Heal members. This is the support you’ve been looking for to become a church that hurting people run to.

To learn more about Dr. Cloud’s heart and vision for Churches That Heal, be sure to visit the About page.

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