Church Program

The Church Program exists to equip church leaders to respond to mental health issues in their communities and to experience healing themselves. 

Amidst the mental health epidemic our society faces, the COVID-19 crisis has compounded stress, anxiety, depression, and pain in churches and communities worldwide in unthinkable ways. This resource was created to help you and those you lead with issues keeping you from living in the fullness of God, especially in this unprecedented moment in our lives. Now, more than ever, is the time for the Church to rise up and be the place where the hurting can find the healing they need.

This all-digital program is perfect to utilize virtually and doesn’t require your church to be meeting physically.  Allow Churches That Heal to be your guide as you shepherd your flock through this global crisis.

Who is the Church Program for?

  • Pastors and ministry leaders wanting their church to become a place where the hurting can find healing as well as to guide their staff through a healing journey.(Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, Care Pastors, Men’s/Women’s Pastors, High School/College/Young Adults Pastors, Groups Pastors, Outreach Pastors, Ministry Directors, Lay Leaders and more.)
  • Counselors, campus ministry leaders, Christian business leaders, and others will also benefit from the Churches That Heal Church Program. 
  • Any individual wanting to “gift” a Church Program to their church or pastor.

How does the Church Program work? How do we become a Church That Heals?

We’ve made it turn-key to become a Church That Heals. All content is streamable and downloadable to facilitate a virtual program rollout. 

  1. Purchase a Churches That Heal Church Program for your church.
  2. Guide your staff through Pastoral Healing.
  3. Educate your staff with Pastoral Training.
  4. Host a Church Kick-Off either as a Half-Day Community Event or a Sunday Morning Message Series.
  5. Then we encourage you to roll out the Small Group Study through your small groups ministry so that your entire church body can experience this healing message and transformational journey. You can pre-purchase the study for each of your small groups or encourage each group to purchase individually. Each Small Group Study contains 15 group member logins.

What is included in my purchase?

Resources include:

  • Over 30 videos encompassing… 
    • Pastoral Healing – All too often as leaders, we can become so focused on the needs of those around us that we lose track of what is happening in our own hearts and minds. We believe one cannot give what they do not possess. The Churches That Heal Church Program begins by focusing on the healing of the church staff through: 
      • Staff Retreat Video Series – A five-session video series designed to spark open discussion among church staffs around their emotional challenges and the core elements of healing.
      • Staff Small Group Video Series – Each of the five video lessons is a catalyst for intentional conversation among church staffs and to help each leader continue to conquer their own mental and emotional challenges.
    • Mental Health Training – We provide you with proven solutions and answers to key mental health questions they may have previously been ill-equipped to handle. These educational videos provide practical answers to commonly asked questions relating to the church’s role in addressing issues of mental health such as:
      • What Is The Church’s Role Within The Mental Health Space?
      • What Is The Best Solution For A Pastor Looking For Healing And Confidentiality?
      • When Is The Correct Time For A Pastor To Bring In Professional Help?
      • When Is The Answer To Pray For Healing?
      • What Is The Best Way To Help Someone Struggling With An Illegal Drug Addiction?
      • What Is The Process For Helping An Individual That Is Suicidal?
    • Church Kick-Off – Once you’ve completed Pastoral Healing and Mental Health Training, we provide you with a five-session video series to share the message of Churches That Heal with your entire community through a Half-Day Event or Sunday Message Series. Additional resources provided for the Church Kick-Off include event and marketing materials.
      • Half-Day Community Event or Sunday Morning Message Series – A  five-session video series introducing your church body to key principles of healing. Many churches will download the content and stream through their own service platform.
      • Marketing and Event Materials – Production orders, timelines, and editable promotional material to help you create a successful kick-off to the Churches That Heal program.
  • A 68-page Leader Workbook for church staff members as well as a Participant Guide for members of your community. 
    • Leader Workbook: Designed to accompany the Staff Retreat and Staff Small Group, the Leader Workbook helps pastors with personal application and next steps for their healing journey. The curriculum has been designed with the church leader in mind.
    • Participant Guide: This guide helps attendees follow along with the video content during the Church Kick-Off and promotes thought-provoking discussion and introspection.
  • Access to Live Coaching Webinars with Dr. Cloud. This includes a webinar from Dr. Cloud you will receive immediately upon signup called The Psychology of Crisis and an accompanying PDF.
  • Ongoing training material from Dr. Cloud addressing specific mental health issues and emotional challenges your community may be facing. Specific topics that will be addressed in the future include:
    • Eating Disorders
    • Technology Addiction
    • Children and Social Media 
    • Pornography
    • Bullying
    • Burnout 
  • Bonus content such as interviews with clinicians and pastors.
  • Complimentary access to future Churches That Heal LIVE! Events.


Church Program

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