Changes That Heal: Handling Those Dealing with Emotional Pain

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One of the saddest things is when people dealing with emotional pain make a step toward God by knocking on the door of a church and it doesn’t go well. Those churches likely haven’t learned about emotional problems and pain, and a lot of times they don’t give biblical answers, but religious answers. Churches, for example, must inform themselves about what depression actually is; and the Bible gives a lot of reasons for depression. In this clip, Dr. Cloud directs us how to learn about emotional pain in order to help and resource those who are knocking on our doors.

Emotional healing and spiritual healing often come hand in hand. It is possible to have a healing journey through God’s word. Mental health is not always a focus in the church, but there is often healing power in faith that allows for spiritual growth and inner healing to occur. An understanding of mental health is very important for faith leaders to have in order to be able to support those experiencing emotional trauma and pain or who are struggling with emotional health. With the support of the church and mental health resources, the healing process can begin.