What is Leadership

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There are a lot of different ways to look at leadership. One of the ways to think about leadership is that it’s the possession of power in the service of something larger than yourself. When you are in leadership, the first thing a leader should ask is, what is it that this position possesses that has the power to actually move the needle? Because every position of leadership has a sense of ownership; that chair that has been given to you has power to do things that no other chair has. The second element is power. Power really is energy, so how do you organize the energy of the position in a good way that moves things forward? The final element is that all of this should be in the service of something larger than yourself. You’re using your power not for your own good, but for others, and that takes care of a lot of problems. In this clip, Dr. Cloud does a deep dive into what leadership actually is, and how it should be wielded.